Fashion Trend:
Hiking Boots

Fashion Trend: Hiking Boots

Trend-Thema: Grünbein Hiking-Boots

Styling Tips for the Trendy Hiking Look

It’s all over town: The next hot trend on the street is hiking boots. Rustic, robust, ankle-high, laced up and with a coarse grip sole – wearing them you can casually hike through town and country. Correctly read: even in the city, the comfortable boats are quite impressive. If you combine your hiking boots in cool way…

Two Stylish Ways to Wear Your Hiking Boots

Casual with Jeans  …

The combination of jeans and hiking boots is certainly something you can come up with even without styling advice. But pay attention to the details: for a cool rustic look, the boots should not be covered by the jeans – whether casually rolled up or properly tucked into the stockings is up to you. Thick woolen socks are also a good idea: you’ll always have warm feet and an authentic look at the same time. And if it gets too warm in them, just wear shorts instead of long jeans! Important for urban styling is the balance between sporty and more elegant pieces. A well-cut sweater or blouse gives the look that certain urban touch.

 … or as a Break of Style with a Skirt

What at first glance doesn’t seem to fit together, looks really cool in real life. Hiking boots with dresses or skirts are a nice break with the usual dress codes and for that very reason they are very fashionable at the moment. The stark contrast between feminine looks and tough boots needs a little sense of style – think of Amélie in the eponymous French movie from 2001. She embodies the style perfectly! The more delicate the top, the tougher the boots can be. In summer with bare legs, in autumn and winter with coloured tights, miniskirts or long flutter dresses and cuddly thick cardigans. Pay attention to harmonious shades of colour, they hold the look together and do not let it look “thrown together”.

Grünbein goes Hiking

Grünbein is well prepared for the current active trend: First there’s Louis – the “master shoe” and bestseller of the Grünbein collection. According to legend, it was already made in 1890 by the Swiss shoemaker Louis as a working shoe for local mountain farmers. Grünbein discovered the shoe at a flea market in Zurich and had it copied as true to the original as possible. In memory and appreciation of the builder, we christened the robust lace-up shoe Louis.

Fashion Trend: Grünbein Hiking Boots

These Louis are Made for Walking

Since then Louis has been wandering through the seasons in ever new color and leather combinations. This year he shines in light blue and pink, adorning himself with flowers, dots and stripes. The Louis version with a grip sole in burgundy, black, dark green or camel looks really proper.
Grünbein Louis
Grünbein Louis Camel
Grünbein Louis Burgundy
Fashion Trend: Grünbein Hiking Boots

Ain’t no Noa High Enough

Following Louis’ example, the laced boot Noa was later developed with a slightly wider fit – so that the foot has enough room even after a long run. If you want to save yourself the trouble of lacing up now, go for Noa Z – the Z stands for Zipper. The zipper on the inside makes it easier to put on the ankle-high boots. Both models have one thing in common: they also follow the trend. Green, black, red, camel, petrol, for the authentic hiking style also with rustic red laces.
Hiking Boots Grünbein Noa Z
Grünbein Noa Z
Grünbein Noa Z

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